VM 4000


VM 4000 is the latest product in our Visual Maintenance product series. VM 4000 runs both on PC and as an app on mobile devices, and builds on our experience in maintenance through our previous versions, as well as input from our users.

VM 4000 is adapted to support the specific needs of our customers, some examples are the food industry, the maritime, the metal and plastic industry, the wood and furniture industry, and many more!

VM 4000 is a powerful product for handling all types of tasks, from lubrication and cleaning to all types of inspection and registration of events (eg crashes), as well as complete inventory management.

In other words: VM 4000 as systematic maintenance software will save you time and money on your operation and maintenance and can certainly be used with advantage in your company.


Contains:Skruer til vedligeholdelse

Basic data is built up as a tree structure like in Windows File Explorer. It is possibile to add departments, groups, plants/components and tasks. It makes it easy to get an overview of the company's structure. Clients and ships can also be added if needed. It is easy and simple to create preventative maintenance tasks or record an incident directly from basic data.

Perform start, feedback, shutdowns and get an overview of work orders / tasks - the ones to be done and the tasks in progress. At the end of the assignment, time spent, done by, note, inventory and associated documents (image, pdf and the like) can be specified.

Attach drawings, documents, http links and more directly to tasks, installations or inventory.

Inventory management - all the spare parts you need can be set up with one or more suppliers, priority, and one or more physical locations.

Complete supplier register.

Graphical load chart broken down per week etc. based on scheduled tasks.

Daily handover report for ex work shift, so you can keep track of what has happened since last shift.

Internal messages - local "e-mail" to other employees who in this way can use the system for general information in VM 4000 - eg as an alternative to handover report.

There is no limit to how much data can be entered into the system.


VM 4000 has modules for every need to help you perform maintenance: statistics, hour counts, inventory control, etc.

See all the Modules here.

If you need special integration for a specific program, database or web service, we do all types of tasks on order.


With ship module (handover, defective system and daily report) we also have a package for Extended Day Report ([the bridge and the machine] with integration to scada, as well as statistics of crossings, passenger numbers etc.), tow lists, web solution and more - contact us for more information.


Can be used by all types of businesses, small or large, with one or more departments, to perform scheduled maintenance and / or inventory management. Purchase modules as needed, expand the user base as you grow or connect more users. Typically, you start in the maintenance department, then someone from production or management will also join, or you want to involve cleaning or external companies (electricians, port services, truck service, etc.) who do services for you - VM 4000 is future-proof, also for your business.

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