VM 4000


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When upgrading from VM 2200 / VM 3100, there is a 15% discount on list prices. Contact us for price on instruction course.

VM 4000   MS SQL
Basic Edition Basic data is built as a tree structure like Windows File Explorer, with the possibility of indicating customers, ships, departments, groups, plants, components and tasks. Including internal mail/messages and incident reporting management. In addition, there is the possibility of inventory management. DKK 24,800.00
Extra user license   DKK 2,400.00
Statistics Graphic overview of tasks performed showing the cost, time, inventory consumption, etc.   DKK 7,900.00
Hour Counter Registration of hour counters from external units (PLC etc.).   DKK 4,900.00
Stock Take / Stock Entries / Inventory Complete inventory management including internal ordering. In addition, labels with barcodes can be printed.   DKK 4,900.00
Purchase orders/requisitions and price update Specification of purchase orders/requisitions per supplier with the option of specifying the delivery note upon receipt and updating prices when you receive an invoice.   DKK 15,900.00
Ship Handing over, daily reports and defect system - divided into the bridge and the machine.   DKK 6,900.00
Day Note Record on all employees the tasks that are completed during the day - link to tasks created in the system or create and save in the logbook. Use the Day Note to document all work.   DKK 4,900.00
Incident Reporting (free distribution) Replace the yellow notes and unnecessary phone calls with Incident Reporting. Anyone with access to a PC in the network can report incidents and problems received directly in VM 4000. A reply message must be provided and a decision will be made on what will now happen with the reporting - a work order has to be created, the problem has already been addressed etc. No one is let down and communication works both ways - the user who reported the problem can follow the progress of his own reportings.   DKK 8,900.00
Language module Take advantage of the opportunity to work with VM 4000 in Danish, English, Slovak and Chinese (additional languages are coming, call and ask).   DKK 8,900.00
Access module Assign access to departments for each employee so they can view and work with data from their respective departments.   DKK 8,900.00
Notification module Receive email notifications for selected tasks - assign email group or individual to each task.   DKK 8,900.00
App Get mobile with an app on your tablet or phone.
Android and iOS For iOS/Android tablet or phone. Complete daily note, start and finish maintenance tasks, log work on plants, record stock entries, stock take and inventory, incident reporting and more. VM4000 app
Support agreement Telephone support on VM 4000.
The agreement is signed for one year at a time.
Includes program updates.
per month DKK 395.00
+ DKK 60.00 per user
Instruction course and installation Instruction course at your workplace and possibly installation (6 hours).   DKK 5,900.00
Customizations Programming per hour.   DKK 900.00

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